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By correctly setting up the Facebook pixel in your e-shop, you can get valuable information about the activities of e-shop visitors in the e-shop. “Indicators” such as what they do while visiting the page, which specific pages are visite, items adde to the shopping cart – with this much neee tool. Example : You have an e-shop for shoes. Your e-shop is visite by customers who do not buy shoes this time, but just look. You can direct the ad only to, for example, those who did not reach the shopping cart, so the profitability of your ad is much higher. There are hundres of different usage examples, so it is not possible to list them all here.

Quick purchase process is important

However if you want more information and a proper pixel setup, please contact us! Quick purchase process and only ask for necessary information Latest Mailing Database quick purchase process A quick purchase process is important in an e-shop! A for any e-store , because it allows customers to quickly and easily buy products from your e-store. This means customers are more likely to place and complete their order, resulting in improve sales for your business.

Latest Mailing Database

Easy shipping and payment options

The spee of the purchase process also affects the user experience (UX), because customers are happier when they can get their purchases done quickly, have a clear understanding of the online store’s purchase process, and. Be sure to check that GT Lists your e-shop does not ask for more information than necessary. For example, if you’re only sending by parcel machine, make sure you only ask for phone, email and name, because that’s really all that’s neee. We still see that most e-shops ask for more information than is necessary.

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