Last conclusions

Last conclusions We are already at the end! And I’m there, typing, hitting my finger like a champion, without respite from the keyboard, without thinking about humor or jokes, focused on finishing it and uploading it, which, I say, might be very cool to you… I have a birthday, I’m leaving. [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Better not read this, Vic sometimes gets a little carried away… bad rushes are… [/piopialo] Wait, a minute, just one. You’ll see, seriously, try it and you’ll see how cool it is and what things can be done. Never leave aside optimizing the website, as you could be amazed by the impact of small improvements.

Last conclusions

I will tell you that I first heard about Google Optimize in one of the presentations in San Diego. Everything industry email list he told us was amazing. There I saw the potential it has, as it already showed us very advanced options that sometimes even required programming. But of course, as always, that opens up a world of possibilities… Despite not being open at the time, I got an account thanks to that. But I had it on my bucket list to watch. That endless thing that makes you feel sore from scrolling until you reach the end. But today, with your video (and post, that I have done an All In), I have seen that I don’t have to wait so long because I can also do simple things, very quickly, and very useful.

Wow Victor

Victor Campuzano on April 25, 2017 at 18:16 What a good proposal you made me and what a good time we had, huh? Know? Become my groupie and you will make me happier than the guy with the pita. Oh how great you are! I hope that what you launch in mid-May goes great for you, I’m sure it will, because you deserve it. A hug Bro!  Reply Vincent Vincent on April 6, 2017 at 9:23 p.m. Wow Victor, what a blast! She GT Lists had heard about this, but very lightly and had never given it importance. The truth is that it is very cool and will help us a lot to optimize the landing pages and websites in general. This added to hotjar or yandex metrics to see user behavior is fantastic. Now we just need time to test it and get the performance it deserves, but I’ll try it and tell you! A hug

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