The Power of Numbers in Email Subject Lines

n the world of email marketing, the subject line is king. It’s the first thing your subscribers see, and it’s what determines whether they’ll open your email or not. That’s why it’s so important to write a subject line that’s catchy, informative, and relevant to your target audience. And one of the best ways to do that is to use numbers. Why Numbers Work in Email Subject Lines There are a few reasons why numbers work so well in email subject lines. First, they’re attention-grabbing. When people see a number in a subject line, it’s something that they’re more likely to notice. Second, numbers create a sense of urgency. When you use a number in your subject line, you’re essentially telling your subscribers that they need to act now. This can be a very effective way to increase open rates. Third, numbers are easy to understand.

They’re a universal language

That everyone can understand, regardless of their native language. How to Use Numbers in Email Subject Lines There are a few different ways to use numbers in email subject lines. You can use them to: Convey a sense of urgency. you could use a subject line like “50% off for the next 24 hours only!” Highlight the benefits of your offer. For Remove Background Image example, you could use a subject line like “Get 10 free lessons when you sign up today!” Provide specific information.  you could use a subject line like “Your order has shipped!” Tell a story. For example, you could use a subject line like “How I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.” Best Practices for Using Numbers in Email Subject Lines When using numbers in email subject lines, there are a few best practices to keep in mind: Keep it short and sweet.

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Your subject line should be no more

Than 70 characters long, including spaces. Use specific numbers. Instead of using a general term like “discount,” use a specific number like “50% off.” Use numbers that are relevant to your offer. If you’re offering a free trial, don’t use a number in your subject line that’s unrelated to the trial, such GT Lists as “10 reasons why you need to try our product.” Test different variations. Once you’ve written a few different subject lines, test them to see which one performs the best. Conclusion Numbers are a powerful tool that can help you write more effective email subject lines. By following the tips above, you can use numbers to increase open rates and boost your email marketing results. Here are some additional tips for writing effective email subject lines: Use active verbs. Ask a question. Use superlatives.

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