3+1 Chatbot Examples

3+1 Chatbot Examples by Victor Campuzano | 26 Feb 2019 | Growth Marketing Online | 2 Comments Hello hello! How are you? All good? I hope so! I woke up today thinking about chatbots… And I already shared with you my definition of what a chatbot is . But of course, what is a definition without a few examples? I think that to make it clearer to you what chatbots are, it would be best to bring you several examples of chatbots so that you can see them “live.” And that’s what this post is about: 3+1 examples of chatbots to better understand what a chatbot is . At the end of the post you will understand why I say that about 3 + 1 hehehe… Come on? Come on!

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When you talk to him, he asks you the location you want to know the weather forecast for. Notice in the conversation when he says “Cool, I once DJed in Valencia. A very good audience.” These small details make chatbots much more fun. Then it tells you the time as is logical. Therefore, this chatbot is internally connected to a database /web page from which it pulls top industry data weather information to tell you. And the funny thing is that it automatically tells you that it will inform you of the weather. Take subscription ! So, without warning.

The truth is that I personally

The truth is that I personally don’t like this way of subscribing people too much, because they haven’t even asked you. I would ask .First if you want me to send you the information and then I will subscribe you. But hey, each one is the GT Lists little bitch they want to be… Although everything has been said.it lets you edit the notifications and in the conversation you can see that I told it to deactivate all notifications. That is, I was able to deactivate the subscription to weather forecasts.

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