Analytics solution alone is rarely sufficient

Suitable for the current market. But individual campaigns of Analytics solution competitors small changes in the market or individual wishes of customers must not destabilize the marketing strategy. In this case marketing would become completely reactive which eventually leads to confusion and the loss of the direction defined in the strategy. One function of the strategy is to facilitate decision-making. What is done and what is not done What is reacte to and what is not reacte to? I think an excellent example can be found in Richard Rumelts

Book Good Strategy Bad Strategy

It went through a case example where the airline had aligned one sentence as its business strategy: We are the low-fare airline. This kind of alignment facilitates decision-making brands the company business database gives it a. Competitive advantage and clearly positions it as a certain kind of airline. With the alignment anyone from the companys staff could think about whether a development proposal contributes to our strategy or not. If the customer wishe that salads would be serve on the flights the flight attendant/steward could

Immediately think about whether

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Way that competitors cannot. A marketing strategy is the surest way to get away from constant adhoc work GT Lists and move towards planned. Marketing implementation which gives significant leverage to the co…mpanys growth. Table of contents What is a marketing strategy? 7 elements of a good marketing strategy The role of the brand in the marketing strategy. Why is it worth doing a marketing strategy and what does it .enable for your company? This is how you create a marketing strategy with the MVG model I.

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