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Sales effectiveness – examples Such examples can be multiplie, because also new payment plugins or electronic systems for signing documents can translate into increase sales efficiency. First identify what your clients main pain points are . It may turn out to be little things like not having email contact with your company or having to print documents. You will eliminate the so-calle road blocks , and customers will start to convince you. You can also use minor tricks like a large Call to Action button on the sales page, the right text structure, the right selection of photos, improve pricing policy.

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Each of them ultimately contributes to greater sales effectiveness . We will be happy to help you plan your efficiency improvement strategy. Creating a persona June 20, 2021 Customer acquisition Persona creation – find out who your database ideal customer is Do you know how old your ideal customer is? Do you know his interests and problems. And maybe even his hair color and height? Contrary to appearances, many brands collect such detaile data about customers. This makes it easier for them to create a persona. What is persona creation? Step by step creation of a persona.


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Creating a persona Benefits of creating a persona Customer path.  Creating a persona on the example of the financial industry Creating a persona What is persona creation? First, a handful of data from the US market: 56 percent of companies that use customer personas observe better quality leads; 24 percent as a result, companies have more customers; in the case of 36 percent of enterprises, the sales cycle was shortene thanks to the creation of a persona. Let’s go to the definition: ” A persona is a fictional but very realistic character. It represents a specific group of people: customers or users, a market segment, a subset of employees or any other group of end users of the designe services and products.

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