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These are examples of a situation where an umbrella brand has faile. The product is too far from the starting point and is not associate with the right quality. Thus, it has a negative impact on the image of all goods sold under a given brand. Community blog Before deciding to start a business under an umbrella brand, it is worth taking a good look at the legal aspects relate to the new field of activity. And that’s before the marketing campaign or rebranding begins . There are not many industries affecte by the restrictions.

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It is worth remembering, however, that under an umbrella brand it will not necessarily be possible to freely advertise drugs, supplements or stimulants with a common graphic design or a part of the name taken from another product. For example: in the past, umbrella brands Marlboro or Camel were also responsible for clothes, gadgets and database shoes. Today, a cigarette manufacturer’s shoe store wouldn’t be well receive by the public and might even be in legal trouble. The changes also result from the fact that the marketing environment is different today . Umbrella brand – examples in the food and clothing industry It is easiest to explain what an umbrella brand is with an example.


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Several such companies can be found at the junction of the food and clothing and interior design industries. Marks & Spencers – a British clothing manufacturer, after years began to introduce more and more food to stores. Initially, these were premium biscuits or teas, but soon there were entire Marks & Spencers stores. Today, the company limits GT Lists its clothing branch of activity and focuses on the food industry. Tchibo – the coffee producer Tchibo made the opposite move. Instead of limiting himself to just coffee, he first starte selling espresso machines and accessories, and today also clothes and everything that can be useful at home. IKEA – Food is a small part of IKEA brand sales. But it is Sweish meatballs or drinks that build the brand image.

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