A competitive advantage

Contents E-commerce is still on the rise, growing by an average of 15-30% per year. The pandemic that starte in 2019 and the last few years in general have been a significant accelerator of e-commerce, bringing many businesses online that previously operate as local ones, including grocery stores. In this article, you will find out why creating an e-shop is currently necessary for the growth of your business. If a few years ago the existence of an e-shop was, now it is essential just to stay competitive. Therefore, if you are active in commerce, but you do not have an e-store yet, then it is high time to take the bull by the horns and start creating an e-store.

Think about how large an e-shop

Making an online store is an easy way to increase sales According to the Estonian e-commerce association, the corona crisis has increase the database number of buyers from Estonian e-shops by almost 50 percent. If in 2019 purchases were made from e-shops from around 110,000 unique bank accounts, in the fall of 2020 there were already nearly 160,000 different consumers; In April 2020, during the state of emergency, this number even reache nearly 200,000. Making an e-shop is not something mysterious, complicate, and has long been the domain of IT guys only.


The substantive side

In reality creating an e-shop is technically feasible for anyone with at least an average level of computer skills, and the management of the e-shop, , is quite GT Lists similar to conventional commerce. Where to start? As with any new activity, start by formulating a goal. Just starting from scratch without a clear vision and plan rarely leads to (quick) success. you nee? If your product portfolio is large and you want to start operating internationally, the best choice is a software-base platform.

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