Particular attention must be paid

Pay attention to size: Large sizes can be fine, but reuce the font size for mobile devices so that the text is visible without forcing the user to scroll too much. Make sure your personal or company details are correct. Delete samples or content in progress. If you have a site in several languages, ask for the help of a translator or an expert, preferably someone in your industry, before publishing, so that the texts do not contain errors. 2. Suitability of images In the same way as with text, it is necessary to do a separate check for images before publishing the website.

keep image sizes as small as possible

First pay attention to the size of the images. to the images on mobile devices, so that they are displaye correctly, i.e. not excessively enlarge and without other deformations. If you see blurry images, it is because the screen resolution is higher, so for phone number list example a 400×400 pixel image may be displaye as 800×800 pixels. However, as this will help optimize page load time. Add a name to each image and fill in an alt tag as well. 3. Make sure you have permission to use the entire content of the page.

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You should also ensure

All text images and videos on the site could be original. Ideally, try to create all the content yourself or contact a copywriter to create valuable, original GT Lists and correct content. You can even ask a copywriter for advice if you have any questions. that the content is not copyrighte. Therefore, if you find and would like to use, for example, an image or video that you find on the Internet, always ask for permission to publish or quote the source. Also, never leave watermarke images on your site.

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