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Microsegmentation areas Microsegmentation and macrosegmentation How can market microsegmentation help? Market microsegmentation as a strategy of the future? Each customer is responsible for a significant part of the company’s business, but it is not possible to tailor each product to a specific buyer. Market segmentation is the division of the market into homogeneous sub-sections of customers. Each market segment consists of a large, identifiable group. In general, belonging to one of them is determine by the nees of buyers, their shopping habits and attitudes, etc.

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It is assume that consumers from a specific segment have similar expectations and nees. What is market microsegmentation? Ibe surprise if the e-commerce application on my smartphone marke me as an active application user from whatsapp mobile number list the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, age 35 to 50. I would be considere a paying customer who usually buys books, household appliances and CDs of contemporary Polish music. I am probably a customer who has a family with small children and usually makes a purchase when he receives a discount. Apart from me, there are probably many users of the application who fit the above description.

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However, we are still a small and very niche group of customers compare to the total user base of this e-commerce application. We all have similar behavior and characteristics. This is what market microsegmentation is all about. Community GT Lists blog Base on this definition of micro-segmentation, a smart e-commerce application should send me, and similarly profile customers, free shipping promotions or discount sales. It should do so via push notifications, emails or social meia. So that I and other customers in this group can continue to engage, buy and increase customer lifetime value from the very beginning. And if the company gets it right, we’ll be customers for life. Microsegmentation areas Currently, there is no one-size-fits-all way to segment the market.

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