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This platform’s wide range of modules, you can easily manage all sections of the site yourself. Therefore, you don’t have to hire a developer for every move, saving a lot of costs. If you hire a PrestaShop developer ( ), you also open the world of e-commerce development for your company, which can do wonders for your brand. It’s wallet friendly The cost of PrestaShop add-ons is often less than or equal to other e-commerce add-ons. Is result oriente PrestaShop is an open source, efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you nee to create an online store.

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Its result-oriente capabilities let users interact through a good user interface that helps increase online sales. And the results are not behind the whatsapp mobile number list customer’s poor internet coverage either! PrestaShop can work with low internet spee, which UX when shopping in your e-store. Extensibility and integrity. PrestaShop allows you to easily extend to its core files. Many payment method integrations are available for free. Once again an important point of savings! All changes to a web page can be made by creating a module that runs as a separate piece of code. So you can enable and disable modules at any time without any worries.

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Easy customization A website base on PrestaShop development can be customize in two ways – through back-end and front-end . In general, most GT Lists customizations are done through the front-end . However, basic adjustments, such as changing texts, changing the position of blocks, adjusting products, etc., can be done through the back-end is. In addition, if the installation of a module, PrestaShop offers the best user interface to do so. If it all seems a bit complicate, time-consuming or confusing, feel free to contact us.

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