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Before starting work, together with the client, we agree on the following scope of work: Audit and analysis of current brand activities This is the action from which we start working on a new strategy. First of all, Commplace experts analyze the brand’s activities so far. As a result, we have full information about the quality and quantity of activities carrie out by the brand. The analysis also allows to determine the effectiveness of these activities and verify whether they are consistent with the goals and the set direction. Does your company also nee support.

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Let us know what we can do for you? Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Communication audit Communication audit is a process that determines how effective brand communication is. It concerns how a company or organization sends Latest Mailing Database and receives information; or makes them available to different recipients. An audit should be carrie out for each type of communication the company conducts or the type of audience it directs. Thanks to this, we will be able to verify the strengths and weaknesses of external and internal communication. It is also important to set goals during the audit.

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Do you want to determine who your key recipients are and how effectively you communicate with them? How much do they know about your products/services or your company? What mistakes have you made in the past when it comes to communication? What opportunities GT Lists have you misse? Above all, how can you ensure better communication in the future? Communication audit is a strong foundation for finding answers to the above questions. Preparation of an internal communication strategy An effective internal communication strategy is an important element of operational activity. You can apply even the best practices and proceures to support communication with customers, but the same level should be maintaine for your employees.

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