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The first two methods are most often use to illustrate the results. The heatmap allows you to determine which elements we pay the most attention to, elements that have been omitte will also be visible. The downside is certainly the inability to show the order in which the individual points attracte attention. These weaknesses are eliminate by fixation maps, which accurately depict the order and time spent looking at specific points. Eyetracking allows you to determine several basic factors. The first of them is the fixation of the eye on the examine object,determining which points attracte the subject’s attention.

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The second, equally important parameter is the order – we all look between individual points, and eye-tracking allows us to determine in what order we jump to the next ones. Thanks to the study, it is also possible to determine how long the Latest Mailing Database user keeps his gaze on specific points, as well as how the attention is distribute in percentage terms. Eye tracking is a powerful tool in the hands of an experience user. When is it worth using eyetracking research? Many companies from various sectors use eyetracking research. Due to the fact that they allow you to determine what the user focuses on the most, they are use both for new products and services.

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Such a study may precee the launch of a product on the market – as well as existing ones that require refinement. In principle, it would be easier to determine when it is not worth using such research. Then the answer can be narrowe down to GT Lists the statement that only when we are sure about the way of receiving the product or service. How well do you know your customers’ preferences? Check what you can do to increase sales. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Eye-tracking research in the case of a new version of the same product will allow you to locate the weaker parts of the project.

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