Was that the process of assimilating all the

The argument of this first group of debate participants. Was that the process of assimilating all the technological tools that would be available in the coming years would be very difficult for those born in the industrial era. Another group stated that the central challenge would be the correct and timely allocation of resources and budgets. Their vision was based on the fact that. In the future. There would be a great proliferation of tools and tasks that would make decisionmaking about these resources extremely complex. Finally.

What was really challenging would be the acceptance

There was a small group of people who stated that. What was really business database challenging would be the acceptance of the loss of power of organizations visàvis clients or consumers and. Above all. The decrease in control of the messages issued. With the respective difficulty that this would produce for the construction of a brand reputation. If you double the number of experiments you do per year. You will double your ingenuity. —jeff bezos as the days went by.

We were surprised to see that at that

When we reanalyzed the three positions of the debate. We were surprised GT Lists to see that at that moment it occurred to none of the participants to think that the main difficulty would be following the frenetic changes in the market. None of them thought about approaching the problem from the perspective of the uncontrollable: the volatility of the environment and trends . Today. We firmly believe that the most complex of the problems we will have to face will be the obligation to constantly monitor the market to adjust strategies.

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