In this funny campaign Mentos teaches raccoons to recycle

Although in recent years brands have never tired of raising the flag of sustainability and urging their customers to embrace recycling. In this funny truth is that in the United States barely a third of citizens recycle. For this reason. Given that humans are so unwilling to recycle. Mentos has decided to train raccoons to do what people (out of sheer laziness) refuse to do. The famous brand , which earlier this year launched a cardboard packaging to provide shelter for its chewing gum. Has recruited and trained four raccoons to find containers thrown in the wrong garbage can and deposit them where they belong: in the intended bin. to paper recycling.

An animal trainer worked with the raccoons

 To recycle or industry email list are at least interested in doing so, but only 32% do ,” explains Craig Cuchra, vice president of marketing at Perfetti Van Melle. The parent company of Mentos. “We realized that raccoons are incredibly intelligent and very adept at training. Furthermore, they are animals that already search through our garbage. They are, therefore. The perfect creatures to recycle. We hope humans take note of how easy it is to recycle so that Mentos cardboard packaging doesn’t end up in the wrong bin,” he adds.

“Many consumers want to recycle

An worked with the GT Lists raccoons for more than 40 hours to teach them to differentiate between regular trash cans and recycling containers . The gang of raccoons was then released into Simi Valley, California, to break through garbage cans, find Mentos containers, and place them in the containers where they actually belonged. And the truth is that the raccoons carried out their task correctly 75% of the time.

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