The message must reinforce the competitive advantage

Purchasing decision phase. The message must reinforce the competitive advantage and focus on the rational benefits of the brand. Using a standard message in all phases of the buying cycle will reduce the chances of achieving the result. Your message must be adapted to the moment that the potential buyer lives and accompany their journey towards conversion. 5. The message has to adapt to the platform this point complements the previous one: the message. In addition to accompanying the user on the journey.

No channel is similar to the other

Must be designed so that it performs well in the medium in which it is broadcast. No channel b2b email list is similar to the other. Therefore the message must adapt to the tone and language of each platform. Instagram is not the same as google ads and facebook is nothing like youtube. To give two basic examples. The images. Formats. Words and calls to action have to be chosen according to the channel on which the ad is broadcast  we would even dare to suggest that the destination of the click should also be adapted depending on the platform.

But the ad should not be exactly the same

The essence of the message on instagram should be the same. As the message GT Lists on google. But the ad should not be exactly the same. Adapting the ad to the broadcast platform is an extra effort for the digital team. But it is worth it in light of the business results. 6. The call to action has to be extremely seductive telling people directly what you want them to do—in your ad and on the landing page—is very important to the success of your campaign this is a truism of the advertising world that many ignore or undervalue.

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